How to Exercise Options:

Benjamin Hornigold Limited listed options (ASX:BHDO) (Options) expire at 5.00pm AEST on 28 April 2020. These Options were issued to investors at the time of the initial listing of Benjamin Hornigold Limited on the ASX; some investors may have subsequently purchased Options on-market. The Options can be exercised and converted into ordinary shares (ASX:BHD) (Shares) by paying $1.00, with each Option providing the right to purchase a single fully paid Share in the Company. 

To exercise the options, Optionholders must:

  • Complete the Notice of Exercise of Options Form
  • Return the Form, and either:
    • Enclose a cheque in payment;
    • or Make payment by Electronic Funds Transfer to Benjamin Hornigold Limited in accordance with the details on the Form. If payment is made by EFT, the Form can be emailed directly to the Company Secretary, on

There is no obligation on Optionholders to exercise their Options. However, if Options are not exercised by the due date, then those Options will lapse and all rights under those Options will cease.

If you have any queries in relation to completing the Form, please contact Benjamin Hornigold Limited between 8.30am and 5.00pm (AEST) Monday to Friday on (02) 8117 8123.

If you have any queries regarding your current holdings, please contact our Registry, Link Market Services Limited, on 1300 554 474 (from within Australia) or +61 2 8280 7454 (from outside Australia).

If you are unsure whether to take up your Options, you should consult your stockbroker, financial adviser or other professional adviser.

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